Workforce Management

A complete end-to-end scheduling system that centralises your workforce management and streamlines booking processes and individual personnel management.

Centralise and streamline your bookings


Traffio’s real-time scheduling allows you to view all your jobs, staff and assets immediately. 

With conflict notifications, you will know when scheduling conflicts occur, eliminating double booking of jobs, staff and equipment.


  • Live bookings with real-time confirmations allow you to book and confirm your bookings quickly. 

  • Features such as drag and drop, clear and colour, live confirmations and job cloning, managing booking

  • Avoid double bookings, factor in leave, fatigue and compliance, Traffio takes the human error out of scheduling, making sure your compliant with every booking. 


Stay compliant with skills and induction management


Traffio tracks skills and inductions for every staff member, as well as all booking requirements and has stored, scanned copies of the qualifications just a few clicks away.


  • Notifications of upcoming expiration dates for licenses and skills

  • A quick overview of skills and induction

  • Skills automatically flow to your booking boards, making sure every booking is compliant. 


Always celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries


Always know all your upcoming workforce's milestones. With birthdays and work anniversaries notifications, you can keep connected and plan upcoming celebrations for your staff. 

Keep track of your workforces upcoming leave


Keep track of upcoming staff leave, so you always have a snapshot of your workforce availability. 


Booking board automatically takes into consideration workers availability, making sure you always have the right staff. 

Never overwork your staff with fatigue management


Never risk overbooking your staff again with fatigue management. Traffio automatically considers weekly working hours and hours between each shift, making sure your team never fatigues.