Fleet Management

Consolidate your fleet operations on one platform to give you the tools and visibility needed to control your vehicles bookings, documentation and maintenance.

Track and schedule your vehicle bookings


Simple scheduling tools show available, compliant vehicles and their location, so the right vehicle is used for the job.

  • Live bookings with real-time confirmations allow you to book and confirm your bookings quickly. 

  • Vehicle categorising 

  • Avoid booking the wrong vehicle type required for jobs

  • Vehicle Garage Locations

Consolidate your vehicle documentation and inductions


Traffio tracks inductions for every vehicle and has all vehicle documentation stored, scanned copies of the qualifications just a few clicks away.


  • Notifications of upcoming expiration dates for licenses and skills

  • A quick overview of all your vehicle inductions

  • Vehicle details automatically flow to your booking boards, making sure every booking is compliant

  • Document Management 


Be on top of your vehicle maintenance


Manage and view what vehicle is currently in maintenance and what maintenance is upcoming. Maintenance links directly to your scheduling, so you will never have to worry about booking.