Booking & Scheduling

Traffio’s real-time scheduling allows you to view all your jobs, staff and assets immediately. Conflict notifications, notify you in real-time of booking conflicts, missing skills and fatigue, eliminating booking problems.

Your bookings in real-time


Real-time bookings and confirmations allow you to quickly assess resource allocations and see fatigue and conflict alerts while booking and confirming your jobs. 


Easy communication with staff via the Traffio app saves time, ensuring you can always reach who you need when you need them. Access job details, attachments, compliance forms and more via the app.


  • Live bookings and confirmations 

  • Fatigue & conflict alerts

  • Mobile app

  • Colour coding capabilities

Simple and intuitive scheduling

Scheduling has never been simpler. Traffio's scheduling system is easy to use with features such as drag and drop, coloured notifications and workflows and job cloning making the management of your business fast, efficient & transparent.

Book the right people for the job

Alerts for double bookings and fatigue, leave allowances, and travel-time factoring helps you maintain compliance with every booking and removes human error from scheduling.


•    Avoid double bookings

•    Factors in leave availability

•    Automatically apply your fatigue policy

•    Set up block lists to prevent specific staff from working