Straightforward accounting.

Traffio integrates with industry-leading accounting systems. Automate your invoicing while having the option to bulk invoice, build customer rate cards, and bill items in a way that suits you.

On-time invoicing 


Streamline and simplify your finances by invoicing clients directly from Traffio, or your chosen integrated accounting software. Traffio invoicing gives you.


  • Same day invoicing

  • Industry-standard invoicing

  • Bulk invoicing

  • Customised on-brand invoice design    

  • Tax compliant invoicing

Build your unique rates


Create in-depth industry-specific rate cards that can be applied to individual clients, stand-alone projects, or individual bookings. Giving you flexibility in how you structure your rate schedule and charge your clients.


 Features include:

  • Crew based billing

  • Weekend start and end time

  • Billing matrix templates 

  • Shift overrides and thresholds 

  • Travel charges

  • Minimum hour charges

  • Dozens of ways to bill an item