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Which devices are supported?

Traffio can be used across all modern PCs, tablets and smartphones, including Apple, Windows and Android products. It will run in the web browser of all but for best performance we recommend Google Chrome.

Can we manage vehicle and staff inductions?

Yes. Traffio offers induction mechanisms for vehicles as well as traffic controllers, which means less down time by sending the wrong person.

What type of reporting can I get?

Live minute-by-minute reporting of real time data, daily vehicle utilisation, predictive reporting of future resource requirements and expiring skills and inductions, plus much, much, more.

Can I have business specific reports?

Yes. Traffio has standard reports built-in reports already, but if you require a specific report our development team will customise reporting to your needs.

Is my data secure and what if it crashes?

We have gone to great lengths when building Traffio to make the platform secure and robust. After 5 years of operation, we have 99.97 uptime and are constantly upgrading and improving our security and stability to ensure the platform's integrity. Files, data and web servers are replicated across multiple data centres. Your data redundancy is a cornerstone of the product. If you connect to the web, you can access your data.

What training do you provide?

We will provide staff training as required or as a part of an implementation program, however we have found that Traffio works with limited training as Traffio is so user friendly for all IT levels in the Traffic Management world.

What happens when a job is cancelled?

The staff required for the job are automatically notified via SMS and Email.

Will Traffio work with my accounting software?

Yes. Traffio is compatible with the most popular accounting software. i.e MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks.

How much does it cost?

Traffio is priced per vehicle on the road starting with a free tier for up to 7 vehicles. Please email or call the team and they will be able to explain the simple and business friendly rates.

How do we get started?

Contact Traffio via email, phone or request a demo and we can come to you to demonstrate how well Traffio works in the traffic control industry, so for a free trial version and a conversation on how Traffio will benefit your business hit the link below.