• Kathleen McDevitt

New Traffio onboarding process

Picking up new software at work can be difficult for employees and often leads to a slowdown in efficiency while employees navigate their way around new processes. Being a traffic management software that focuses solely on improving efficiencies to reduce and grows the business, we know how important it is for employees to quickly adapt to new software, so businesses start seeing results.

That's why we have introduced an onboarding process that helps users have a seamless learning experience. The process includes walkthroughs and tooltips.

This new feature also helps experienced users learn and adopt new features added to Traffio. Users are made aware of new features introduced, where they are located and learn to use them so that they can quickly take advantage of added features.

Tooltips We’ve introduced tooltips that will highlight in-app features that may not be as intuitive. We understand that some users are already comfortable with using Traffio and do not need help. Walkthroughs can be exited at any time and have the option to turn off tutorials

Help Manuals We still have the traditional help documents that users can refer to if they are not sure on how to do something and if they are still not sure they can call support on 1300 022 999



info@traffio.com.au   |  1300 022 999

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