Traffio prides itself on the simple, user friendly and uncomplicated programming that can used by anybody, regardless of their IT knowledge.


This makes implementation and acceptance of change much easier, with less blow back from the field.


Complete tasks no matter where you or your staff are.


Cross state lines or centralise your administration with all bookings & accounts made from a central office location.


Traffio takes the pain and suffering away from the day to day scheduling & administration of your business and helps expand your business without adding overheads of more administration staff.


Alerts allow you to follow up with inductions that are about to/have expired without having to track each employee personally.


If you require a specific qualification or induction for the booking, simply add the skill to the search bar and it will automatically eliminate the staff that don’t fit the criteria.


Icons next each person give you a quick indication of skills & qualifications they possess to complete the tasks required.


Staff respond with an easy YES or NO response on their device of choice, which then enables the system to update and allocate them accordingly.


This then notifies your schedulers and operations team of the actions or reactions that are required for the booking.


Once all positive responses have been collected, all booking information and documents are sent to each of the TCs automatically.


Avoid the back and forth, and save time on your client's projects.

Send through TMP’s and quickly and easily or send changes to TMP’s or SWMS documents to site.


Add as much or as little detail as required.


Traffio helps provide a safer working environment by ensuring that staff have sufficient break times between shifts (even when shifts run long or changed at the last minute).


Whether for internal OH&S use or to meet KPIs set by clients, Traffio allows you to demonstrate clear fatigue management processes and reporting.


Quickly search your database of staff for specific training and inductions.


Manage the business needs of your current reliable and competent staff, to not have as many “hangers on” in your system.


Blackball non-starters or problematic casuals easily so they don’t sneak back into bookings, wasting even more of your valuable time.  


Save time on recruiting new people to the business by searching old staff that have been deleted due to moving or other commitments.


All data is archived at some point in a business, making finding the right information a hassle.


Not with Traffio!


Traffio automatically displays information relevant for the moment but allows you to go as far back in time as you would like.


All information remains accessible, without deleting or mothballing documents, or forcing you to use different software.


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